Jon 3800.

Hello! Everyone

 I’m  Jon Sosiak, a 27 year old with a B.Sc in chemistry and studying to be a teacher at McGill University.  My passion and hobbies include classic gaming (nintendo), playing mario hacks, and I’m a tarantula enthuiast.  I am the proud owner of  64 Ts (total estimate is around $8000),  3 scorpions,  1 beta fish and a loveable 5 year old shih tzu named Maggie May.

I have 2 youtube accounts.  One well known account as “Jon3800” and the other backup account is “sosiak565″
In these channels the general theme includes:

1) educational and cool videos about tarantulas, which we regard to as calling Ts for short

2) interesting videos about lawnmowers and repairing them (as this is one of my many jobs)

3) Car starting and driving videos

4) Nintendo videos- including let’s play series of nintendo and super nintendo games

5) Walkthroughs of super mario world hacks (Jon3800 exlcusive)

6) Fire Alarms

My passion is to breed tarantulas (I have a G.pulchripes breeding project going on), and to try to get species in the Canadian hobby, as the hobby here is pretty much nill.  As of now I do not have any tarantulas for sale, and I can only sell them to Canadians only, since I need a fish and wildlife permit. 

For more info about the Ts and other films you can view my YouTube channel here!

As I am active member on youtube, I post videos daily and  try my best to answer every message I can.  If you wish to contact me further, you can do so  I do have MSN, but I don’t go on so often.

Over the next couple of weeks I will make blogs about my Ts and caresheets of each and everyone I have

Thanks for stopping by


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